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We’re Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on March 5th, 2019

Miss us?  Well we missed you!  And it's about time we get some new episodes going!


Stay tuned for more details.

Season 8 Episode 5

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on February 2nd, 2016


Sam joins Adam and I in this crossover event with Simply Superman Batman.  We discuss the state of DC films as presented in the half hour special on the CW with Kevin Smith and Geoff Johns.  We cover Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and Green Lantern Corps!

Season 8 Episode 4

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on January 24th, 2016

Adam and I discuss the most recent BvS trailer and discuss other geek news!

Season 8 Episode 3

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on December 6th, 2015

Sam joins us as we review the second official trailer for the upcoming Batman v Superman.  Enjoy!

Season 8 Episode 2

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on December 1st, 2015

Adam and I discuss where our favorite TV shows are at and where geekdom seems to be flocking.  Enjoy!

Season 8 Episode 1

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on October 23rd, 2015

Tali xoxo joins us for our Season 8 premiere!!  We discuss her origins and her amazing cosplay and obviously other geek topics!  Enjoy!  Click the links below to check out her pages:

Season 7 Episode 35

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on September 4th, 2015

Sam from Simply Superman Batman joins me as we review the upcoming seasons for:  Supergirl, Gotham, The Flash, and Arrow.


Season 7 Episode 34

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on August 6th, 2015

Check out our review of Ant-Man and Age of Ultron!

Batman v Superman Comic Con Trailer Special (Season 7 Episode 33)

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on July 12th, 2015


In a crossover event for the ages, Sam joins Adam and I for a Simply Superman Batman / World's Best Podcast podcast to discuss the Batman v Superman trailer that premiered at San Diego Comic Con on 7-11-15

Season7 Episode 32

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on July 11th, 2015

Adam and I finish up our reviews of TV shows.  We also give our opinion of the best comic related show this past year as well.  Good times!