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Season 7 Episode 21

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on February 24th, 2015


We discuss the Aquaman picture of Jason Momoa leaked by Zach Snyder.  We briefly discuss Alura casting for the Supergirl TV show.  And we round things out with a discussion of Kickass #1 by Mark Millar and art by John Romita, Jr.  Enjoy!


Season 7 Episode 20

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on February 16th, 2015


Marvel saves Spiderman from certain doom!  Adam and I discuss the Marvel-Sony deal for the Spiderman rights.  Enjoy!


Season 7 Episode 19

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on February 12th, 2015

This was a big one, folks!  Ok we talk about much, but below is a nice summary of it!

DC's Convergence
The Atom costume on Arrow
AKA Jessica Jones
John Diggle is....John Stewart the Green Lantern?
The Daredevil trailer
and then we move to TV!
Gotham S1 Ep12, 13, and 14
The Flash S1 Ep10, 11, and 12
Agent Carter S1 Ep3, 4, and 5
Arrow S3 Ep10, 11, and 12

Season 7 Episode 18

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on February 4th, 2015

TV roundup!

Gotham S1 Ep11 "Rogue's Gallery"
Agent Carter S1 Ep 1 "Now is Not the End" and Ep2 "Bridge and Tunnel"

Season 7 Episode 17

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on January 27th, 2015


We had much movie news this past week so we covered the following:

- Dr. Strange casting news involving Chiwetel Ejiofor
- X-men Apocalypse casting for Jean Grey, Storm, and Cyclops
- Directors being narrowed down for the WB's Aquaman movie starring Jason Momoa
- Suicide Squad loses an actor and is now hiring to replace Rick Flagg!
- We have our new Supergirl for CBS this coming fall!

Season 7 Episode 16

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on January 22nd, 2015

Adam and I wrap up  2014 with TV roundups!  We also discus Marvel casting news for their TV shows.

The Flash S1 Ep 8 "Flash vs Arrow" & 9 "The Man in the Yellow Suit"
Arrow S3 Ep 8 "The Brave and the Bold" & 9 "The Climb"
Agents of Shield S2 Ep 9 "...Ye Who Enter Here" & 10 "What They Become"
Constantine S1 Ep7 "Blessed Are the Damned" & 8 "The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 1"

Season 7 Episode 15

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on January 19th, 2015

Mark joins Adam and I as we discuss movie news.  We go over the Star Wars trailer, Marvel news, and Suicide Squad casting!


Season 7 Episode 14

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on January 11th, 2015

Weekly roundup!

We cover the following:
Gotham S1 Ep10 "Lovecraft"
Flash S1 Ep7 "Power Outage"
Constantine S1 Ep6 "Rage of Caliban"

Season 7 Episode 13

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on January 6th, 2015

Hidee Ho good neighbors!  Got some more reviews for ya!

Gotham S1 Ep9 "Harvey Dent"
Flash S1 Ep6 "The Flash Is Born"
Agents of Shield S2 Ep8 "The Things We Bury"
Arrow S3 Ep7 "Draw Back Your Bow"
Constantine S1 Ep5 "Danse Voudou"

Season 7 Episode 12

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on December 2nd, 2014

This week we review the following episodes of da TV:

Gotham S1 Ep8 "The Mask" (no not the movie)
The Flash S1 Ep5 "Plastique"
Agents of Shield S2 Ep7 "The Writing On the Wall"
Arrow S3 Ep6 "Guilty"
Constantine S1 Ep4 "A Feast of Friends"