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Season 4 Episode 17

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on April 11th, 2012

We discuss Young Justice Season 1 Episodes 14 though 17.  Joining us is Jeremy Kossak.  Enjoy and tell your friends!


  • Bob Marshall

    Great podcast guys, of the ones you reviewed I think Failsafe was the best, but I also really loved Disordered, I love the New Gods etc. I really don’t think there’s been a bad episode of Young Justice, cannot wait for more to come and season 2.

    Apr 14, 2012 at 3:55 pm
  • Mark

    Great podcast guys.

    I gotta say I disagree with Jeremy on his assessment of Failsafe.

    It didn’t matter!?!

    The episode showed the characters in action in a worst case scenario and showed the maturation of the team. The episode developed the characters rather than the season plot.

    The general criticism that an episode is inherently “bad” because it doesn’t accomplish a narrowly defined task is unsound and unfair. Every episode in serial fiction need not “move the season arc” forward. Episodes that focus on unusual circumstances, character, or fun, have just as much a place in serial fiction as those that advance a central plot. (It doesn’t make them filter)

    The goal is to entertain! If one cares about the characters every episode matters regardless of it’s contribution to the season story. I think it is a shame that Jeremy and Issac to a lesser extent can’t seem to see the value in this.

    Issac’s suggestion is to lessen the Number of Episodes!?! If anything I want MORE of my favorite shows, not less.

    In any case I enjoyed the discussion.

    Lastly, what is the strange sucking noise that happens periodically during the podcast? Is one of you a barista or providing surgical suction during the recording. It is rather distracting.

    Apr 20, 2012 at 3:19 pm
  • Anabel

    Hi Guys, Great job once again. As frustrating as it is when you are waiting for a story to move forward some of the best stories are the ones that appear to be stand alone. I agree with Mark in that if the episode reveals more about the character or allows us to spend some time in that world it is entertaining. I don’t like it when some tv shows use flashbacks and you end up seeing the same thing over again or the excuse is that it was all a dream or everyone was mindwiped and everything is back to the status quo. I guess the key is if something new is learned, whether they focus on plot or character then it is worthwhile. Sometimes having the action happen only internally gives us a foreshadowing that the characters themselves are not privy to. I guess if it is really well done then what is learned about the characters is inevitably going to move the plot forward. Question for all of you…How would you rate Young Justice vs the other animated superhero shows from before ie Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond (and not just necessarily DC ones) etc? Stay Young!

    Apr 22, 2012 at 1:16 pm
  • tinmanfrisbie

    thanks for the feedback guys! @Bob - Glad you enjoyed the episodes duder! @Mark - unfortunately those are our views about how we feel a story should move forward. I’ve never said that not moving a huge story arc forward is the end all be all. It just has to be placed well within the season and/or a fantastic episode. If you look at my reviews on the Superman Homepage, I dont give hardly any episodes a bad score. As for the sound, unfortunately we aren’t working with the best sound equipment so sometimes our microphones pick things up we don’t want them to. I can only do so much to edit that stuff out, and I apologize. As for my stance on the number of episodes, I stand by that argument. Too many shows rely on sponsorships too much, and then storylines suffer because they run out of ideas and you end up getting filler episodes because they want to pad the season so they can get more revenue. It leads to a lot of meandering (not that some of it isn’t nice) and I feel that when you get to the end of a season and you’re putting filler in there, I don’t care for that. I’m appreciative of your comments and we will work on getting the sound to be better. @Anabel - as usual, we love your comments Anabel, thanks!

    Apr 26, 2012 at 10:47 pm