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Archive for June 29th 2013

Season 5 Episode 7

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on 29th June 2013

Adam and I are joined by a special guest, Karen Santora!  She is a cosplay photographer (one of her many talents) and she has come to review Iron Man 3 with us!  Do us a favor and check out her websites!


Posted in Marvel, Iron Man | Comments

Mos Eisley Podcast Episode 3

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on 29th June 2013

Mark and I discuss our thoughts of all those darned changes they made to the original Star Wars trilogy.  Were they bad?  Were they good?  What are your thoughts?


Posted in Star Wars | Comments

Season 5 Episode 6

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on 29th June 2013

Sorry for the delay fellas, hopefully you can forgive me for getting these out late.  "Better late than never!" - no Grant Morrison fan ever.  

We discuss some video games and wade into what the Man of Steel might potentially impact as far as the DC film universe goes.  Joining us is Mark Cormier.

Recorded on April 21st, 2013  

Posted in DC, Superman, Batman, DC Miscellaneous, Justice League | Comments