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Archive for October 26th 2011

Season 4 Episode 6

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on 26th October 2011

We discuss X-Men the movie directed by Bryan Singer (yeah we know it's late, but we just started Marvel stuff!).  Joining us is Jon Wilson.  Enjoy.  Here are links to his podcasts:


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Season 4 Episode 5

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on 20th October 2011

Joining us is Mark Cormier and we all discuss Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.  Enjoy!


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Season 4 Episode 4

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on 10th October 2011

We discuss Superman 3 and 4 with Rennie Cowan and Mark Cormier!  Enjoy!


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Season 4 Episode 3

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on 2nd October 2011

Joining us this special episode is Pat Jankiewicz!  He wrote "You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry: A Hulk Companion".  We talk about the history of this beloved Marvel character and the story behind this wonderful guide to the character that Pat has written.  Joining us is Sam Rizzo, who made this interview possible.  Thanks, Sam!  And a special thanks to Pat for coming onto the podcast!  Please, go and check out and buy his book.  The link is below if you're interested:


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