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Archive for January 14th 2011

Season 3 Episode 16 Part 2 (Tribute to Batman the TV series)

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on 14th January 2011

In the second part of tonight's podcasting, we pay tribute to The Batman television series which aired 45 years ago the night we recorded this (January 12). Joining us is Jim Beard and Nick Rizzo. Jim edited the book, "Gotham City 14 Miles". Gotham City 14 Miles is 14 essays about the 1960s "Batman" TV series. Gotham City 14 Miles critically examines the show, in an effort to determine its weight and worth in current pop culture. Buy it NOW at! Nick Rizzo is a props replica expert who has obtained originals and replicas of some well known props, including ones from the Batman TV series. Thanks for joining us, guys, it was a pleasure having you on! Enjoy this podcast and don't forget to listen to part one if you haven't yet. Spread the word and enjoy!


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Season 3 Episode 16 Part 1

Posted by tinmanfrisbie on 14th January 2011

In this episode (we recorded two this night) we discuss DCU online with Jeffrey Taylor, who does the Crisis to Crisis Podcast for the Superman Homepage! Joining us is special guests Sam Rizzo and Kaman Stowell. We hope you like the podcast and tell your friends and spread the word!


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